CPA funds raised locally are matched by the state each year. The match varies based on a formula.

Local funds come from a 1% tax surcharge

1 penny on each dollar of property tax.

Amesbury residents and businesses will pay a 1% surcharge on local property tax bills, with an exemption for the first $100,000 of taxable value of residential real estate.

All low-income households, and low/moderate income senior households can apply for a full exemption. 

As an incentive, the state distributes annual matching funds from a statewide trust fund.

With local funding plus the state match, we estimate about $330,000 of funds would be available for CPA projects each year,


Based on the 2016 average Amesbury home value ($321,289), the yearly average surcharge per household would total $45.

Want to know exactly what the CPA would cost you based on Amesbury's 2016 tax rate? We've prepared a simple tool to show you. 


Some interesting details:

  • Funds can be spent each year, or saved up from year to year.
  • CPA funds can be leveraged with other funding sources. (eg. matching money for grants)
  • Communities can issue bonds against their future CPA revenue.