by Matt Einson

Let’s cut right to the chase. What will the CPA cost my family?

While Question 5 calls for a 1% surcharge, the first $100,000 of assessed property value is exempt, so properties assessed for under $100,000 would see NO surcharge.   

The chart below shows your annual payment into the CPA based on your 2016 property value.

The largest block of payments will be between $20-$39 dollars a year.

63% of property owners would pay less than $40/year.
84% of property owners would pay less than $60/year

If Amesbury votes “yes” on Ballot Question 5, non-exempt home owners would see a surcharge of between 0% and 0.91% of their tax bill, which would go into the CPA fund.  The higher your assessed property value, the closer your surcharge would be to 1% of your tax bill. 

Want to know exactly what the CPA would cost you based on the 2016 tax rate? We've prepared a simple tool to show you. 

What does it get us?

How much have you donated to the Amesbury community this year?  What if your dollars could be matched by the State?  Would this motivate you more?  The CPA program is an incentive program for communities to put a little more skin in the game (by way of taxes) to get a little more back from the state.  We already pay into this fund.  Why not take Amesbury’s fair share back?