by Ken Aspeslagh

What does it mean to preserve a community? It means a lot. 

A new park here, a new field there, a new trail connecting the two.

To preserve is to maintain, but also to retain, and to keep safe. Community preservation means coming together and finding ways to protect and improve what matters most about the city we live in.

Honoring the past while embracing the future

As New Englanders we're very proud of our history and value it deeply. What is necessary to ensure that the special places in our community retain their original value and their original luster?

As our community's needs change, preservation comes to include the expansion or creation of new facilities. A new park here, a new field there, a new trail connecting the two. In our busy lives they often serve only as a backdrop, but our natural places and endangered scenic landscapes lend an awful lot of character to our community. They must be carefully protected for future generations.

Playability, walkability... livability

And finally, in preserving the diverse character of the community, we must strive to maintain affordable and accessible housing. Cycles of growth can lead to rising prices, which is what makes affordable housing initiatives a crucial piece of the preservation picture.

Here are a just few examples from the nearby towns of Newburyport, West Newbury, Groveland, Georgetown, and Rowley. These 5 towns alone have completed more than 300 projects as a result of Community Preservation funding.